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PatrimoniUN10, though born of a strategic situational association of the Andalusian university system, is conceived exclusively from the perspective of excellence applied to Heritage, founded on a model of aggregation involving agents of different types, that have in common their renown and capacity in the sphere of Heritage.
This partnership includes:

  1. Universities and agents of knowledge, who will contribute their knowledge, skills, and experience in these areas.
  2. Group of businesses, which will provide and transform knowledge.
  3. Compound group of administrations that, in the case of Heritage, are important not only for the application of transversal policies and the needs for the transformation of the campus, but also because many elements of Heritage depend on them.  They drive a good part of the direct economic activities related to Heritage and possess the legislative leverage over this.
  4. Group of international non-governmental organizations related to Heritage.  Since the Second World War, several entities of this sort were formed and are in charge of gathering and disseminating information on the principles, techniques, legislation, and policies of conservation and safeguarding Heritage, as well as fomenting the adoption of international conventions and recommendations related to their stewardship and protection.  Outstanding among these are the ones that provide consulting for the UNESCO
  5. Groups of the third sector.  Heritage is a social asset and the whole of society as well as the individual citizens who make it up should be receptors of the knowledge that is generated around it.